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Sensofar Q-Six

  • Outstanding solution for in-line inspection

    The Q six has been designed as a comprehensive solution for simplifying and streamlining stent assessment and approval. High-resolution imaging and 3D optical measurement allow for complete surface inspection of the stent structure, reducing errors , quality control costs, and inspection timeĀ andĀ making the task of acceptance faster, easier, and more reliable.

    Assisted concept

    The proprietary SensoINSPECT software of the Q six was designed for versatility. A manual mode is designed for flexibility in R&D and Process Development, while an assisted mode is the optimal solution for fast in-line inspection. Dimensional pass/fail data and classified defect information can be gathered in a short time, enabling the operator to make a fast and reliable decision to either accept or reject the stent.

    Complete surface inspection

    Never before seen, high-quality unrolled images of the outer and inner surfaces and also the sidewalls of stents. Quality of edges can also be assessed from these images.