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Non-Contact Thickness Measuring System

  • THS 20

    THS series is a non-contact thickness/height/depth measuring system based on an optical type focal point detection method, incorporating the two microscope optical systems of the top and bottom, with precise focus indicator using index graticule. Thickness can be measured up to 10mm with observing the surface of measuring point. Because of an optical system, operations are simple, and the precise focus indicator (Target Mark) can be seen on a monitor at a just focus condition.

    THS-20 is an automatic system combining auto focus and pulse stage.
    X, Y or Z coordinate position, pitch feed, etc. by pulse motor drive are measured in sequential operation. Adopting image processing auto focus, high-reliable repeatability is achieved without individual differences. Also incorporating leading-edge technology, user-friendliness has been improved by Windows’ base user interface.
    (user-friendliness improved by Windows version)