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PLU x00 Programmable Wafer Inspection Station

    • The Mactronix PLU will transfer wafers one at a time from a 25 slot cassette to a self-centering chuck for visual and/or bright light inspection.
    • User friendly keypad and four-line LCD screen allows for simple menu driven operation.
    • Transfers are be accomplished through keypad commands and may be programmed for customized sequences.
    • Versitile operation allows for six methods of wafer sorting:

    Manual        Series        Interval
    Random        Load        Unload

    • The Technician level menu facilitates periodic cleaning and enables step by step machine diagnostics and testing.
    • Wafer detection is achieved via vacuum sensors to inhibit accidental damage during robotic transfer.
    • Space saving small footprint.
    • Exhaust ported for clean room operation; 5 CFM max (non-process).
    • Mactronix standard anti-corrosion package includes black hard anodizing of all aluminum parts.