Introducing Sensofar S Smart Sensor

S mart system
In-line metrology solution

The S mart is the culmination of more than 14 years of experience in the development of surface metrology systems.

It was designed right from the initial conception to be integrated into production systems and to withstand harsh environments. Being compact, lightweight, and with flexible mounting options, the S mart is not simply an adaption of existing systems.

Robust, rugged and reliable

Production environments are not always the most friendly – varying conditions, vibrations, aggressive materials, etc., all make measurement tasks considerably more difficult. But the S mart has been designed with exactly this in mind. The optically sealed sensor head contains no moving parts, so it remains both clean and aligned.

Adaptable to your sample

A newly developed software interface, SensoSCAN 6, offers an exceptionally intuitive interface and includes customizable tool features. In addition, new and powerful analysis algorithms have been especially designed for automated in-line process applications. All of these features are easily accessible system-wide using the provided SDK.

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