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Union Hisomet DH-II

  • Hisomet DH2

    HISOMET realizes non-contact, high-precision height/depth measurement with simple operation, observing the surface of measuring point.
    HISOMET-II is a non-contact depth measuring microscope that has been designed based on an optical type focal point detection system. Adopting precise focus indicator, it’s possible to measure height, depth, steps, etc. with observing the surface of measuring point, by simply coinciding the halves of an index graticule. Since there are no concern for physical damages such as distortion, blow or nicks to a specimen because of non-contact system, HISOMET is optimum for measuring electronic components such as ICs or high-precision processing parts.


    • Z-axis measurement range 25mm
    • Measuring unit Digital indicator, minimum reading to 0.1┬Ám
    • Precise focus indicator Black and white built-in index graticules to be selected.