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Ultra Long Working Distance Microscope

  • UWZ100/200/300F/400F/500F

    UMZ2 has been newly developed as a high cost-effective microscope unit that have large working distance thus enabling observation of large objects.

    Product Profile

    * 100/200/300/400/500mm Long Working Distance (W.D.) Zoom Microscope.

    * Longer W.D. can achieve observing specimens being out of reach before.

    * Coaxial Reflecting Illumination can make image brighter and clearer.

    * Zoom Ratio 14X can be covered wide range of magnifications.

    * λ/4 wave plate, polarizer & analyzer can improve internal reflection.


    * Observation of inside of Vacuum Chamber.

    * Reflow Furnace

    * Low or High-Temp, Vacuum Prober

    * Film Formation System

    * Fiber Nozzle

    * High-Speed Camera : Ink Jet, Fuel Injection, Precision Welding and Laser Ignition

    * Observation of particulate which had been obtained from asteroid by spacecraft developed by JAXA. (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)